10. Lagonissi

grafica Lagonissi
Lagonissi means “bunny island” in Greek, because many rabbits used to lived on the peninsula where the Grand Resort stands today. It’s a tranquil area with many villas and holiday homes. The central beach is not very popular because it is dotted with rocky slabs. At the northern end, by the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, there is a well equipped small pebbled beach, with showers, changing rooms and a small beach bar with tamerisks that provide some shading. Here you can also find a basic playground for your kids and a tennis court. There are many islets in the area, which you can reach with a boat/ sea rib within a few minutes for some snorkeling or scuba diving to enjoy the rich marine life and the wrecks scattered here and there. All those you can explore with Beyond Athens’ PADI Scuba Diving Camp or dive tours. If you feel like, you can also drop by our office, which is really close. We will be happy to meet you and give you useful information about the area.


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