13. Ag. Nikolas – Anavyssos

grafica Ag Nikolas
One of the most recognizable places along the Athens coast, Ag. Nikolas is no doubts eye-catching with the characteristic islet connecting to the mainland only through a narrow stretch of sand. On the one side a vast sandy shore, on the other a small lagoon where you will find fishermen and many species of birds. The islet features the tiny and humble Ag. Nikolas church (protector of seamen and fishermen) can be walked across on panoramic paths. One of those leads to a small hidden cove. The main beach is ideal for families and also features a cute beach bar (check out tha parties in summertime). The whole area is protected as here lied ancient Anaflystos, an important settlement back in Classical Athens heyday. A “kouros” statue now displayed at the National Archaeological Museum was even found here.


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