14. Alykes – Anavyssos

grafica Alykes
Anavyssos Gulf features a long beach that people call either “Alykes” (from the old ancient salt extracting workshopsthat stood there), “Kokkina” (from the red buoys) or “Kouros” (after the wind surf center in the right far end). The shore is not particualrly attractive itself, but the waters are shallow and clean, there’s plenty of parking, while the gusty winds that often blow throughout the year make this spot a small windsurf paradise. It is especially recommended for beginners, since the closed bay provides the necessary safety conditions. There are several beach bars along the vast beach, and a nice playground as well. If you move South bound, you will stumble upon the Plaza Resort Hotel (sunbeds for clients’ use only) and further down the fishermens’ village of Palaia Fokaia, a popular destination for seafood.


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