15. Thymari main beach

grafica Thymari
Thymari (=thyme in Greek) is that kind of tranquil seaside village so close to Athens that makes you wonder how come it hasn’t turned into a popular destination yet. It may happen one day, but till then you can be one of the lucky ones to enjoy the peacefulness of such beautiful sceneries. Beyond this point, the setting gets rugged and populated areas few, as you approach the South end of Attica region. This is typical Mediterranean scrub with all sort of bushes, sea pines, few olive and pistachio trees. The main Thymari beach is sandy at the South side and has fine pebbles on the Northern. There is a brand new beach bar. The only minus is the pier where sea ribs leave from, and it can get pretty annoying in the summer weekends. But you may as well be lucky enough to join them for an amazing sea excursion.


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