18. Legrena KAPE

grafica Kape
Once a well hidden secret in South Attica of it still remains very enjoyable. This is as close as it gets to the Aegean island feeling while being so close to Athens. For any effort you may put in reaching it, you will be certainly rewarded by a swim in its deep blue waters. To find it turn right at the KAPE (formerly a renewable energies research center, now a private villa) signpost on the coastal road at kms. 63, right after the long Xarakas beach. The setting is wonderful. A secluded white pebbles beach with colorful rock formations on its sides and the sihouettes of Patroklos and St. George islands standing out on the horizon. There are few steps to reach the shore. No facilities provided. You will find many youngsters and couples, and nudists in the nearby coves. Great place to snorkel or scuba dive as well.


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