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    TERMS of the Beyond Athens Your ExperienceCONTEST

    Promoter: Beyond Athens, tour operator, GNTO license no. 0208E60000409301, registered legal address Olympou 5, 19010, Lagonisi, Attica-GREECE

    Kind of contest: Free-of-charge open contest awarding one-day tour.

    Location: Republic of Greece territory

    Dates: Contest is open until 28.02.2015 on the website and web pages within.

    Purposes: Acquire potential clients’ contact details, promote own services, attract visitors on own website, and on social media pages.

    Use of personal information: The personal information gathered will be used for strictly commercial and informative purposes, in abidance  by the law no. 3471/2006.

    1. All participants must be more than 18 years old the day of submission.

    2. In order to take part in the contest, you have to personally fill in the participation form available on the website and like the BeyondAthens page on Facebook. All required field must be filled in in order to validate participation.

    3. Participation is free of charge, except Internet connection charges including roaming, as set by own Internet services provider. Only one submission per person is accepted.

    4. Beyond Athens will make the draw upon receipt of the first 500 submissions, or earlier than that.

    5. Winners will be contacted by e-mail and telephone to the e-mail address and phone number indicated in the submission form, and be offered the possibility to take the one-day tour of their choice, as expressed in the participation form. Th tour is free of charge except for services, activities or things not explicitly specified in the tour program. Winners will be offered the tour for one specific date. Impossibility to attend the specific tour on the specific date implies loss of the awarded tour.

    6. Winners are invited to the tour of their choice together with travel companions, except specific incompatibility of some of the accompanying persons with the activities of the awarded tour or expressed unwillingness to participate. 

    7. Winners cannot participate in future Beyond Athens contests. Beyond Athens employees, collaborators and their relatives are excluded from this contest.

    8. The tour offered does not include personal insurance. Awardees must have their own or may be asked to sign waivers.

    9. Should the information provided prove false, the participant will be automatically be excluded.

    10. Indicative values of the awarded tours are available in the section “One-day Tours” in the website of Beyond Athens. 

    11. Should Beyond Athens for any reason be not in the position of offering the day tour chosen by the awardee, another day tour of similar value will be suggested.

    12. Beyond Athens bears no responsibility in case of impossibility to reach the awardees due to mistaken contact details provided, or other technical problems such as awardee’s mail server malfunctionings etc.