16. Thymari Aiolos

grafica Thymari
Further down the road the main coastal road and close to Aiolos residential complex you will be surprised to find this little charming fiord. You can leave the car – you should be able to find a parking space – and walk your way down the path that leads to the sea. It’s a short walk but be careful, you certainly don’t want to sprain your ankle here. This spot is perfectly protected from most type of winds and very tranquil. You will not find any families with kids, only loving couples and youngsters, as it is not that easy to reach and the shore is full of pebbles and stones. If you are a cliff diving fan, there is a nice spot that you can reach at the end of the big rock formation on your right hand looking towards the sea. Also snorkeling here is quite interesting, with nice rocks and marine life. You may be so lucky to stumble upon a sea turtle or big grouper, in the less crowded seasons.


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