grafica VarkizaKavouri
Varkiza main beach includes Varkiza Resort/ Yabanaki (www.varkizaresort.gr), for which you will need to pay a 5€ admission in weekdays and 11€ in weekends – sunbeds included -, and a free-access part at the southern end. The beach is 1 km. long, and attracts a lot of bathers, as one of the most popular beach resorts in Attica. Varkiza Resort/ Yabanaki is a beach park with many attractions, stores, bars, restaurants, water sports center and VIP areas. The kids will find nice playgrounds and can play with the thin sand. The water is shallow, and the sea rarely gets wavy. Especially in the summer you get good wind conditions for some nice windsurfing (it’s a closed enough bay to secure some safety).It’s a spot also popular with kayakers. Varkiza town features some nice seafront cafes and restaurants, waterfront promenade and a cinema (also open-air) for some entertainment.


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