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Our Story

Beyond Athens is a company with a unique story that began on a sunny day in November 2014. Founder Andreas was sitting on a dock in a small village on the coast of Athens, chatting with his friend Hercules. They were discussing the economic turmoil that was gripping Greece at the time, and thinking about entrepreneurial ideas that could contribute to the country’s development.

While they were talking, a windsurfer passed by and Andreas was suddenly struck with an idea. Why not share all the beauty of Greece, its culture and its people with the world? Beaches, great food, outdoor activities and warm weather, all just a stone’s throw from the Greek capital. Andreas felt the excitement as his friend grinned.

Beyond Athens was born.


Who We Are

Since its inception, the company has developed long-term partnerships, worked with major corporations and universities, and been featured in many magazines and articles. It’s now a well-established business, widely known and respected as a provider of unique experiences and sustainable tours.

Beyond Athens is not just a tour operator, it’s a window to the unknown, a gateway to the unexplored. Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism in Greece and share the hidden gems of this beautiful country with those seeking an authentic experience. We’re a community of passionate travellers dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism in Greece and sharing the beauty of this country with the world. Join us on a journey beyond expectations and discover the Greece you never knew existed.

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