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We believe that there’s a better way to experience Greece.

We know that you’re looking for more than a trip — you want an experience that is fresh, unique, and sustainable. You want to see the country through the eyes of someone who knows it well, who can take you to places with beautiful views and unique experiences. And you want a trip planner who can help you make your dream vacation a reality.

That’s what we do here at BeyondAthens. We believe in promoting remote areas of rare beauty and providing our clients with unique experiences they won’t find anywhere else. We are the local experts who will help you plan your perfect getaway—and we’re committed to sustainability as well, so that future generations can enjoy all that Greece has to offer!

Spend Time Travelling, Not Planning!

Our agency offers a bespoke service to plan, arrange and deliver exactly the right trip for you in any given moment.


From the azure seas to the lush forests and the mountain peaks, gorges, rivers, the quaint towns that speak of tantalising past eras and the charms of unexpectedly bewildering historic sites, let us guide you to the discovery of lesser-known Greek gems.

Beyond Athens is committed to customize its service to your wishes and needs. To help us know you better and plan your dream holiday in Greece, please take a few minutes to fill in the form below.

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