Mesogea (Middle Land)

vineyard in Attica


Mesogea, which means “middle land” in Greek, is the inland of Attica region. The first significant settlements date back to the Aecheans and the Mycheneans and relishes of the past are scattered across its territory. Once a mainly rural area with many plantations (grapes, figs, pistachio nuts, olives, tomatoes, etc. ) throughout its fertile plain and livestock (especially sheep), today is partly incorporated into Athens city. It is a very sunny, warm and dry area, with the average annual temperature hovering around 18-20 degrees Cº.chaosRelevant points of historic, archeological and symbolic interest include:

  • The archeological site of Marathon, including striking Ramnous in the North East;
  • Τhe Sanctuary of Artemis and the archeological museum in Vravrona in the East;
  • The Byzantine monasteries and chapels of Mt. Ymettus and the plain of Mesogaia;
  • Τhe Ancient silver mines of Lavreotiki far in the South.

The area was well known in the Golden Era of Athens for its superb wine. The same grape varieties (e.g. Savvatiano), along with new ones, can still be found today, with several wineries producing exquisite wines with remarkable taste such as famous retsina. You may also want to try the top class figs and pistachio of Markopoulo, the olive oil or typical bread rusks. Finally, the region is home to some skilled craftsmen and artisans mainly working the clay and the marble.

If you are passionate about nature and sports, you will certainly enjoy a horse ride among the vineyards and the pistachio camps, or trekking or bicycle tour in the pine-covered hills of Sounio National Park.