The Islands

Some small, charming islands can be reached within an hour or little more from the Greek capital. Some are situated in the Argosaronic Gulf and in the Euboean channel while others belong to the Cyclades of the Aegean Sea.

A ferry connects in no more than one hour the port of Piraeus to Egina island. A holiday resort for many Athenians, Egina features some beautiful beaches, the Ancient Temple of Aphaia, as well as some exquisite world-renowned pistachios and nice seafood. It is particularly worth riding its coastal road on a bicycle, so as to explore it in full tranquility. Right next to Egina stands small Agkistri, which is characterized by its pine forests and its clear waters.

Kea, or Tzia, is the first Cycladic island you encounter, only 20 km far from Cape Sounio. It features a charming chora, Ioulida, a Temple dedicated to Athena Karthaia and quaint shores that make it a popular destination among Athenians, yachters and tourists. It also boasts a large oak forest, the last as big preserved in the Cyclades! Haze the exquisitely crafted lodgings, taste its renowned thyme honey, its delicious grilled meat and cheer with a glass of wine on the shore at Vourkari.

Petalioi islands, stretching between the east coast of Attica and the south tip of the island Eubea, are reached from Porto Rafti. Mainly uninhabited, they provide the perfect setting for dives and swims in perfect solitude.

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