12. Skalakia/ Mavro Lithari

grafica Skalakia
Most people know this beach by the name “Skalakia” or “Mavro Lithari” (which means Black Rock, after a sea rock formation), as the wider area is called. The view from above is fantastic, the islet in front providing an additional touch. The most skilled can even reach the islet by swimming or paddling on a sea kayak, the distance approx. 500 mts. (but beware the boats and jet skis that pass through the channel in summertime, it is advisable to carry a floating buoy along). The beach is well protected from most winds, but the water is quite deep and there are some rocks on the shore, which make this place non particularly kids-friendly, plus, there are pebbles, fine and thick. On the top there is a cozy bar offering a great panorama in the area there are great places to go scuba diving.


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